Use These Tags If You Want Your Stories To Go Viral

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It’s every writer’s dream to have at least a few of their stories going viral. After all, the extra views are sure to translate to extra reads and extra earnings.

Many things can make a story go viral, and it’s usually an unpredictable process. There is a large element of luck involved.

But we make our own luck. Put all the right elements in place and we’re more likely to get lucky. We’re more likely to get that viral story.

It should be obvious that quality stories are the place to start. Produce quality stories consistently and you’ll stand the best chance of going viral.

But even if your stories are high-quality you may have a boring title that hardly anyone clicks on. So make sure you spend some time writing a great headline to match your great story.

Having more followers also helps, including followers on social media to whom you can share your stories. That could be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, or a host of other platforms.

But one aspect that is often overlooked is using the correct tags.

Currently, the Life tag is the most popular with 619,000 uses. If your story is suitable for this tag I’d suggest using it. Your story will get shared with readers that are interested in this topic.

If you use a less popular tag there’ll be fewer potential readers to share your story with.

The current top 20 tags, as of February 2022, are as follows:

  • Life — 619,000
  • Blockchain — 565,000
  • Poetry — 539,000
  • Life Lessons — 522,000
  • Startup — 520,000
  • Cryptocurrency — 446,000
  • Health — 430,000
  • Politics- 428,000
  • Technology — 416,000
  • Love — 410,000
  • Writing — 399,000
  • Self Improvement — 395,000
  • Business — 372,000
  • Education — 365,000
  • Entrepreneurship — 361,000
  • Travel — 359,000
  • Marketing — 325,000
  • Design — 285,000
  • Social Media — 267,000
  • Relationships — 267,000

It should go without saying that you should only use tags that fit your story. Using the wrong tags is likely to kill your story quickly. Your story will get shown to people that will take one look at it and click the back button because it’s not what they thought it was.

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