7 Great Medium Publications You Should Consider Writing For

Writing for publications can increase your views quickly

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
When I first joined Medium in October last year I self-published all my stories. Those stories didn’t get many views. Then I discovered publications and they are what helped propel me forward. For this article, I’ve chosen 7 great publications that I’ve personally published in. Overall, I’ve had great results. I continue to write for all of them. There are plenty of other great publications on Medium, so I encourage you to explore those as well.

Pub #1 — Build Your Wealth

Ok, I admit I’m biased with the first choice. Build Your Wealth is a publication I started recently to help others earn extra cash and build their wealth. If you write about side hustles, earning money writing, investment, wealth, or similar topics, you’re welcome to join as a writer. You can join from the submission rules page. You can also follow me.

Pub #2 — Writers’ Blokke (CLOSED TO NEW WRITERS)

This publication is run by Benny Lim. I love this pub simply because it’s where I posted the story that’s got the most views for me — almost 10K so far. Writers’ Blokke includes a wide range of topics but focuses on writing, life, poetry, and short stories. Update: It was announced that from 1 March 2022 that Writers’ Blokke wouldn’t be accepting any new writers.

Pub #3 — Illumination

Illumination is the publication I write for the most often at the moment. Dr Mehmet Yildiz is the owner and chief editor, while Dr. Preeti Singh is a senior editor. This pub also has lots of editors. This means that stories get published quickly. That’s something that most writers appreciate.

Pub #4 — New Writers Welcome

New Writers Welcome is where many new writers start. This pub is run by Robert Ralph and specializes in stories from new writers, as the name suggests. The most frustrating part of being a new writer is getting your stories rejected by publications. As long as you follow the rules you’ll have more chance of being accepted here.

Pub #5 — Globetrotters

Globetrotters is an up-and-coming publication that covers travel writing. As an avid traveler myself, I plan to write here more often. It will be a relief to start traveling again after the last couple of years. The pub is run by my friend Warren Patterson. If you also like traveling, this is the pub to join.

Pub #6 — Coffee Times (CLOSED DOWN)

Coffee Times is run by the very friendly Winston. It feels like a very relaxed place. It’s like sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading some inspiring stories. They cover travel, life, entertainment, books, inspiration, and more. The great thing about this pub is the way each story gives a shoutout to another writer and one of their stories. That helps spread the love.

Pub #7 — The Shortform

I love The Shortform as it’s a great place for those short stories that are a maximum of 150 words. These stories sound like they might be easy to write, but it can be quite a challenge to say what you want with such few words. I think that writing these helps improve your writing skills. This pub is run by Tom Fenske and Burk. Don’t just write for this for the sake of writing for them. Only write for them if your writing style and your stories fit what they’re about. Get the fit right and you’ll gain more views and more followers. I would also suggest writing regularly for a few rather than spreading yourself too thinly. Getting known as a writer on a specific sub can help you grow.

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