I’ve Earned an Average of Over $650 a Month on Medium

I’m more than happy with that

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Before I started writing here, I didn’t consider myself to be a writer. I’d written a few Kindle books but saw that as more of a side hustle. It sounds weird but that’s how I felt.

Even when I started earning money here, I still didn’t think of myself as a writer. Now that I’m 10 months into my writing journey, I feel more like a writer.

I thought I might earn $100 a month or so if I was lucky, but I’ve been very pleasantly surprised at the amount I’ve made so far.

In the last 10 months, I’ve earned a grand total of $6,560.19. That averages out at $656.02 a month. The worst month was July ($364.94) and the best month was April ($1,695.06).

Medium earnings in the last 10 months

I wish all months could be like April, but that’s not the case. We have to take the bad months along with the good months.

Summer Slump?

I’ve been assuming that the low-earning months of July and August have been due to a summer slump. After all, the vast majority of writers I’ve talked to have also had a lot few views, as well as lower earnings.

However, September has gotten off to an even worse start than the last two months. Yesterday’s views were the worst since January. And yesterday’s earnings were the lowest of any day since since last November.

I’m hoping this isn’t a sign of bad things to come.

I will keep writing though and plan to publish around 40 articles this month. When views are low, I tend to lose motivation, but that’s the time to knuckle down and put in the work.

Even if September is another bad month, I hope to reach $7,000 in earnings for my first 12 months on the platform. I will count that as a big success. It will set me up nicely for my second year.

Going forward, I plan to schedule my posts to ensure I publish at least one a day. In the past, I’ve had many occasions when I’ve published 3 or 4 in one day and then none for the next couple of days. Some of that is down to not knowing when publications will release my articles. I aim to get around that by publishing more in my own sub, Build Your Wealth, as I can control the time and date of publication.

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