Writing For Medium Is Like Riding A Rollercoaster

I’m glad I have a strong stomach

Photo by Jonny Gios on Unsplash

I’m sure most of you have been on a rollercoaster and remember how it can be exhilarating one moment and terrifying the next. That’s what I feel like writing for Medium.

A few days ago it was feeling exhilarating as one of my stories racked up 1.96K views in a single day. Wow, what a feeling. I could feel my heart fluttering.

But then we suddenly turned the bend and there was an unexpected drop. The views on that post dropped to under 30 in a day. What a scary drop that was. I thought my lunch would be ejected.

But now we’re taking it easy as we move along to the next climb. I don’t know if this climb will be higher or lower. The excitement is building though. I can’t wait to get to the top again. I need that adrenaline.

Even though I’m looking forward to it, I know what comes next. I’ve been on this rollercoaster a few times.

I know there’s a sneaky and very terrifying drop hidden up ahead.

I need to get off so that I can calm down a little But I can’t.

I love the thrill of the ride too much.

That’s why I’ll keep writing and riding those highs and dropping to the lows.

And you know what the best thing about this rollercoaster is? I get paid to ride it. I’ve got to strap myself in now. I’m heading back to the top.

Riding this rollercoaster reminds me of another one. An even bigger one with very scary drops. It’s called the Economy Rollercoaster. Here’s how to survive it.

How To Survive The Current Economic Crisis

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