I Earned $100 From a Scam Email — You Can Make Money From Almost Anything These Days!

What’s the most unique way you’ve made money?

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I love running side hustle experiments and making money. I’ve probably had 20+ side hustles over the years.

These included an ecommerce store, flipping websites, flipping domain names, flipping property, blogging, writing books, selling wild flowers (when I was 9 years old), selling on eBay, working as a VA, and lots more that I’ve mostly forgotten.

But earning $100 from a scam email has made me realize that you can make money from almost anything.

What do you do if you get an email from a scammer? If you’re like me, you’ll delete it immediately and get on with your day. I’ve probably done that hundreds of times.

When I got another scam email a few weeks ago, I wondered if there was an opportunity hidden in there somewhere. I toyed with the idea of stringing the scammer along and trying to get them to send me some money.

I gave up on that idea. I thought it might make them a little angry and that they might add me to a few more scammer lists as a sort of punishment.

Over $100 earned from a scam email — Screenshot by the author

The scam email was so ridiculous that I had to laugh at it.

The scammer, who used the name Elodine, wanted to give me $11 million and also start a romantic relationship with me.

Does anyone fall for this sort of thing? I guess some people must.

Anyway, as the email made me laugh so much I decided to write a humorous story about it. I published it with the thought that I may help a few other people have a laugh.

It turned out that more than a few people liked the story. So far, it’s been viewed 2,600 times, and received 7,700 claps and 125 comments.

I’m a bit taken aback by how such a short and simple story managed to have such an impact. It only took me around 20 minutes to write it.

The best part is that the story has now earned over $100.

Keep your eyes open for opportunities to earn some extra cash. They are often hidden right in front of us.

For those that haven’t seen the story yet, here it is. Enjoy.

I’m About to Become a Multi-millionaire — Goodbye Writing

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