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7 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know You Could Sell on eBay

There’s money to be made from your trash

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Most people know that almost anything can be sold on eBay. But did you know that many things that you throw in the trash can also be sold? You could literally be throwing money away.

#1 — Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

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You may be wondering why anyone would want to buy empty toilet paper rolls. If you’re a crafter, you’ll already know the answer. Check out this list of almost 300 toilet paper roll craft ideas.

#2 — Empty Egg Cartons

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You may have already guessed that egg cartons are also popular with crafters, especially children. As a child living in the UK, I used to watch a program called Blue Peter. There were always showing how to make items from egg cartons. See 25 egg carton projects for kids.

#3 — Old Software CDs

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This is how many people buy their software. Why pay $99 a year for Microsoft Office when you can get the 2007 version for under $20.

I still use my Microsoft Office 2007. It works perfectly. At $99 a year, I’ve saved myself around $1,500.

Not everyone needs the most up-to-date version.

#4 — Used Wine Bottles

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If you’re a wine drinker, this is for you. Don’t throw those empty bottles away. Sell them on eBay instead. They can be used for crafting or for display purposes.

#5— Used Wine Bottle Corks

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You’ve kept that empty wine bottle, so make sure you also keep the cork. Used wine bottle corks are another favorite item of crafters. Here are 600 wine bottle cork craft ideas.

Who would have guessed the wine bottle corks could be so versatile.

#6 — Discount Coupons

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We often get given discount coupons by various stores, but may not want to use them. Instead of throwing them away, did you know that you can sell them on eBay?

Someone may pay $10 to get 20% off a $100 purchase. The seller and the buyer both gain $10 from the deal.

As well as selling these coupons, you may also want to buy ones that give you a discount on a purchase you’re planning to make.

#7 — TV Remote Controls

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Many people have old TV remote controls lying around the house. You might no longer need it, but someone out there might be looking for that exact model.

Selling it makes you money and ensures the buyer can now watch TV again.

What crazy items have you bought or sold on eBay?

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