Do This If Your Kindle Books Aren’t Selling

This has worked for me and others

Photo by the author.
Photo by the author.
The dream of many writers is to write a book that becomes a best seller. The reality is often quite different. Your amazing work gets lost among the millions of other books on sale. There is a solution though. It might not make you a best-selling author, but it could earn you some extra cash each month. I know how difficult selling a book is because I wrote 8 of them almost 10 years ago. I made great money the first few months, but after that, it fizzled out. https://medium.com/writers-blokke/heres-how-much-i-earned-from-writing-8-kindle-books-1ff52b66c126

So, what is this cunning solution to earn more from your Kindle books?

The solution is to take sections from your book and publish them here, or elsewhere, as standalone stories. If your book is about weight loss, for example, you could take a section on a particular aspect of weight loss and publish it here. Readers would benefit from the story and you’d also likely earn some extra money from it.
As well as that, you could include a link to your book at the end. If the readers found your story valuable for them they might also want to buy your book.

You need to market your book

Many writers think that just publishing a book on Kindle is a guarantee that it will sell. In the early days of Kindle, it was pretty easy to just publish and sell. No marketing was needed. According to this article, there are over 6 million published books on Kindle. Do you think you can compete against them without any marketing? The article goes on to mention that there are an average of around 7,500 books published every day. Your book is just one of them. The method of publishing sections of your book is just one way to market your book. If you’re serious about publishing, you should also consider other marketing methods. More than that, you should have all the different marketing methods lined up and ready to go on the day you publish. The book’s sales on the first few days will determine whether your book is a hit or a flop. If you can get some initial sales, Amazon will show your book to more buyers. If it doesn’t sell any, it will assume that the book is not good and stop showing it.

Other marketing options

Other marketing options include getting bloggers to review your book, writing guest posts about it, sharing on relevant book websites, and giving out free copies and asking for an honest review. There are plenty of other methods as well.

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