Use These Tags If You Want To Get Top Writer Status

Using other tags will disqualify you

Tags. Photo by DJ Paine on Unsplash.

I used to think that you needed to be a great writer to earn a Top Writer award, but that’s not the case. I have two Top Writer awards but don’t consider myself to be great at writing.

What you need to know is that only certain tags can qualify for Top Writer status. If you don’t use these tags in your stories, you’ll never get Top Writer status. That applies even if you’re the world’s greatest writer.

So, it’s not about being great. It’s about being good enough and using the correct tags.

You can see my two awards in Writing and Advice shown below.

My two Top Writer awards. Screenshot by the author.

Medium doesn’t publish a list of eligible tags, so you have to do some detective work to find out what they are. I believe there to be 73 such tags, and here they are in alphabetical order. Note that some could be removed in the future and others added. I think the list is pretty stable though.

  1. 2016 Election
  2. Advice
  3. Architecture
  4. Art
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. Bitcoin
  7. BlackLivesMatter
  8. Books
  9. Business
  10. Climate Change
  11. Cooking
  12. Creativity
  13. Culture
  14. Design
  15. Diversity
  16. Economics
  17. Education
  18. Energy
  19. Entrepreneurship
  20. Fashion
  21. Feminism
  22. Fiction
  23. Finance
  24. Food
  25. Future
  26. Gaming
  27. Government
  28. Health
  29. History
  30. Humor
  31. Ideas
  32. Innovation
  33. Inspiration
  34. Internet of Things
  35. Investing
  36. Journalism
  37. Leadership
  38. LGBTQ
  39. Life
  40. Life Lessons
  41. Love
  42. Mental Health
  43. Movies
  44. Music
  45. NBA
  46. Parenting
  47. Photography
  48. Poetry
  49. Politics
  50. Privacy
  51. Productivity
  52. Psychology
  53. Racism
  54. Reading
  55. Relationships
  56. Satire
  57. Science
  58. Self-Driving Cars
  59. Self Improvement
  60. Short Story
  61. Social Media
  62. Space
  63. Sports
  64. Startup
  65. Sustainability
  66. Technology
  67. Television
  68. This Happened To Me
  69. Transportation
  70. Travel
  71. Venture Capital
  72. Virtual Reality
  73. Women in Tech
  74. Writing

What does it take to get a Top Writer award?

  • No one knows for sure, as the selection process is a secret. I have read that having a good percentage of your articles selected for further distribution helps, but I got my first award without many such stories.
  • Just because you get a Top Writer award doesn’t mean you’ll never lose it. I don’t know how often the list is updated though. Only 50 writers can get the award for each eligible tag. When I got mine for Writing I could see my name on the top 50 list. I no longer see it there, so I’m assuming I’ll lose the award soon. It still shows on my profile though.
  • It’s believed that your stories will be shown more widely if you have Top Writer status for a particular tag.
  • To get the award I’d suggest regularly publishing stories for a certain tag. I publish a lot of Writing stories, so I assume that’s how I got the award.
  • Some writers have Top Writer status in Multiple tags. Tim Denning has 18.

Below, I’m shown in position 33 for Top Writers in Advice.

I’m in position 33 in Advice. Screenshot by the author.

I hope the above helps you get to Top Writer status in one or more of the tags you write about. Good luck.

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