This Is How Much I Earned From My Top Story On Medium

It’s around 50% of my total earnings

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I joined Medium on 30 October 2021 and joined the Medium Partner Program on 12 November. That means that these earnings only cover the period from 12 November 2021 until 07 January 2022, which is just under 2 months.

Given that there are many writers on this platform it may not be surprising that my top story was about writing. Here it is:

Here’s How Much I Earned From Writing 8 Kindle Books

This was a story about the first real writing experience in my life. Before I started writing for Kindle, I’d never been paid for my writing.

Playing the Game of Money is one of my favorite games.

It’s also what I like to write about. Here on Medium I usually write about making money and writing.

I also love reading about these topics, as making more money (especially online) and improving my writing are two of my goals for this year.

If I like reading about these topics, then others will as well, so it makes sense to write about what I’m passionate about. These types of stories are more likely to resonate with others.

I also love helping others make more money, so it’s an ideal topic to write about.

How I come up with story ideas like this

For me, that’s quite easy. I mostly write about my personal experiences.

Stories like that are easy to write about, as I know them intimately. I lived them.

Others like to hear interesting personal stories that will also help to improve themselves as well.

My second best story to date is about my best money-making venture, which was building a successful ecommerce store.


If you like making money, I have plenty of similar stories, so be sure to follow me.

I have some great articles coming up this month.

So, how much did my top article earn so far?

Drum roll… it’s earned $307.72.

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I hope that this story will go on to earn much more over the coming months.

Medium readers love to read about making money from writing, so I will always include some of those topics as part of my monthly stories.

For many, there are easier ways to make money online, so I’ll also be including those.

Some other writers have written posts about how it’s wrong to write for money. They are entitled to their opinion, but it’s not one I agree with. If you’re here to make money I’ll try my very best to help you earn more.

I think my top story has done well because of the honesty. I tell you the bad as well as the good. It’s not all plain sailing, as some others would have you think.

Update January 2023: The story ended up earning around $500. I’ve now deleted it from Medium and added it to this blog.

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