My Output Skyrocketed When I Dumped These 5 Productivity Hacks

They don’t work for me and might not work for you either

Photo by Andreas Klassen on Unsplash
Photo by Andreas Klassen on Unsplash
I like getting my work done in the most efficient manner, so have always been interested in finding great productivity hacks. The problem I started to see though, was that many of the hacks I tried slowed me down. I faithfully followed the hacks and ended up getting less work down. It took me a while to realize that some were just not suited to the way I work. I started experimenting and ending cut out some completely. Cutting out these 5 helped my output skyrocket. Make sure you’re not using productivity hacks that don’t work for you.

#1 — Pomodoro Technique

I’ve tried this a few times and it was a disaster. Once I’m working I get into a flow state and can work for hours. The last thing I need is an enforced break at some set time.
Once I’m working efficiently, I need to keep working. I can take a quick break to make a cup of tea if I need a few minutes of thinking time, but that needs to be at that exact moment. I can’t stop just because the clock says so.
The Pomodoro Technique ruins my workflow.

#2 — Do the hardest task first

I can see how this works for some people. Get the hardest task done first and the rest of the day will be relatively easy.
My brain doesn’t like that. To complete the hardest task I need a clear head and need to be able to focus. I can’t do that if I know I have lots of minor tasks to do.
What works for me is doing the minor tasks first. They don’t need much headspace or focus. Once they are done, the hardest task can get my full attention. Try it. You may like my method.

#3 — Create a dedicated workspace

Photo by daan evers on Unsplash
Hell no. Working from the same space every day kills my creativity. There’s a big world out there. Why would I want to sit in the same place every day? This has no hope of working for me. If I’m at home I like to work from my settee, from the kitchen worktop, or in the spare bedroom cum office. If I’m at home all day I tend to alternate between them, depending on what exactly I’m working on.
But even that gets boring. So then I switch to a café. I currently have a choice of around 10 good cafes to work from.
But even that gets boring, so often I just go to work in a different country for a few months.
This works perfectly for me. You’ll need to decide for yourself.

#4 — Schedule your tasks for the day

No. No. No. This reminds me of school.
09:00 Biology
10:00 Math
11:00 English
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Chemistry
I just can’t work like that. I’m a grown man. I like to decide my schedule as I go. My next task will be whatever I feel like working on at the time. I might put in a few hours at 8 am one day and 9 pm the next day. Flexibility is the key to doing my best work. Why complete a task at 14:30 just because your schedule says so? It’s better to complete it when you feel you’re at your most productive.

#5 — Start your day early

Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash
I’m a night owl. Why would I start my day early? This is the productivity hack I hate the most.
If I get up early, my brain doesn’t function efficiently. I’ll end up tired and lacking in energy all day long. The chances of getting any meaningful work done are close to zero.
Get up early if you want, but don’t expect me to.
I hope you enjoyed reading this and learned that it’s sometimes best to do the opposite of what others suggest. What works for them might not work for you. Experiment. Find out which hacks work for you.
These popular hacks don’t work for me.
What productivity hacks don’t work for you?

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