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I Made $150 In Just 5 Minutes Today

Anyone can do this

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

People are always looking for ideas to make extra money, but sometimes we overlook the most obvious ways.

What I did today couldn’t have been any simpler. I moved some of my savings to an account with higher interest.

Over the next year, I will earn an extra $150.

I know I didn’t get the money today, but next year I’ll get that $150 bonus. I could have left the savings where they are got $0 instead.

It’s totally worth it for the few minutes it took me. Where else can you earn $150 for a few minutes’ work?

The Small Print

I said anyone can do this, but obviously, you need to have some savings to begin with. I thought I’d mention that because someone is bound to point it out.

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