A Writer On Medium Made $19,000 From Just One Article

Making big money is indeed possible here

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I was blown away when I read that a writer on this platform had earned over $19,000 for just ONE story. I’d be happy if I made that much in an entire year. So much for those that say you can’t earn much money here.

Sure, we’re not all going to make such large amounts, but there are plenty of writers that earn hundreds and even thousands for single posts.

That they earn that much proves that it’s possible to earn those amounts.

All we have to do if we want to earn similar amounts is put in the hard work. It won’t guarantee success, but it will massively increase the probability of success.

Here’s the article that earned over $19,000. Have a read. It’s well written and may give you some clues as to how you could write a similar story.

The article is about Elon Musk. Everyone seems to have something either good or bad to say about Elon. This fact alone is bound to attract a large number of readers.

Why Elon Musk Fired His Long-Term Assistant Who Asked for A Raise

The Elon fan club will want to cheer him on and the Elon haters will be happy to have something else to hate him for.

What also draws readers to this is that Elon is one of the richest people in the whole world. He has a net worth of around $267 billion according to the Google search I just did.

So why would such a wealthy individual fire his assistant for asking for a pay rise? We all want to know the answer to that. That means we’re going to click the story and read it.

We’ll probably share it as well, which means it will get even more readers.

I should point out that Elon has denied firing his assistant, so it’s fascinating that this story/rumor managed to surface.

The article currently has 21,000 claps and 201 comments. That is huge.

The author, S M Mamunur Rahman has 4,200 followers, which is pretty decent. But it doesn’t explain how this article got over 500,000 views. It shows that it’s not all about followers. Some writers here earn thousands per month with less than 1,000 followers.

If you’re thinking you could never write an article that earned thousands, then think again. This should show you that it’s entirely possible.

My biggest earning article to date has earned around $440. I thought I was doing well, but it pales into insignificance compared to the Elon article. But we don’t need to earn thousands per article to make good money here.

Keep writing. Keep learning. Keep experimenting.

One day your hard work may pay off with a viral story like this.

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