97.5% Of My Stories Earned Money In November

Please show some appreciation for my one unloved story

Photo by Antony Trivet from Pexels

I published 3 stories in October and 38 stories in November, making a grand total of 41.

I got accepted into the Medium Partner Program on 12 November.

That means that for November I had 19 days of earnings.

My top 4 post earned $43.86, $12.80, $7.24, and $5.10. I was very pleased with that result.

I also had quite a few posts that earned $0.10, $0.02, or $0.03.

But there was one post out of the 41 I published that earned $0.

I almost made it to 100%. I don’t even think it was my worst post.

It was one of my earlier posts that I self-published, so didn’t get any traction. In fact, it’s only got 18 views and 10 reads.

So, ladies and gentlemen here’s your big chance to show it some love and appreciation.

Here it is… drum roll…

I’m A Drunk And A Criminal — It’s All My Father’s Fault

No, it’s not about me, so you can relax. No need to lock up your valuables.

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