This is the Easiest Side Hustle for Beginners

The first step in building your empire

Photo by <a href="">Oberon Copeland</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Oberon Copeland on Unsplash

Many people want to start a side hustle, especially in these tough economic times. The problem is that many don’t know where to start. They often just try random ideas and give up quickly when they don’t work.

But there’s one side hustle that’s suited to almost everyone, especially beginners. It takes zero dollars to start and you’re almost certain to make at least a little money.

Too good to be true?

Not at all.

What is it?

Selling on eBay.

Before you dismiss it out of hand, you should know that many make a full-time living by selling on eBay. Millions of others make a nice part-time income.

You should note that this will only work if eBay is available and popular in your country. If it’s not, there may be a similar platform you can sell on.

How to start without spending any money?

That’s easy. Almost everyone has items that they no longer use. You can start by selling those. It’s an easy win. You get rid of your unwanted items while making a few dollars. The buyer gets items they need at a reduced price. You both win. The environment also wins, as the buyer isn’t buying new.

eBay is as straightforward as it gets, but to improve and make more money you need to put in some work.

You are willing to work, right?

After you’ve sold all your unwanted items, you can move on to buying and selling. Many eBay sellers buy from secondhand stores or from places like Facebook Marketplace.

You can sell a variety of items, to begin with, but if you can buy and sell in a niche, it can work out very well.

Some also buy discounted items from local retailers and re-sell those. Whether this works for you or not depends on what you have available locally. This kind of buying and selling works best in larger cities, as there is a bigger choice of retailers to buy from.

A bad time to start?

You may think that the current cost of living crisis means that now is a bad time to start, but it’s quite the opposite. Many people will be selling items they no longer need so that they can raise some quick cash. Others will be looking to save some money by buying secondhand. You, dear reader, can benefit from this.

I first discovered the joys of eBay when I bought a secondhand audio course on the platform for $200. After I’d listened to it, I re-sold it on eBay. I got $210 for it. I made $10 from buying something I wanted to use myself and then selling it when I’d finished using it. I was amazed.

Full-time income potential

I’ve followed others that have made over $100,000 a year buying and selling secondhand goods. What starts as a small side hustle can turn into something that pays more than your day job.

Getting to $100,000 a year takes a lot of work though.

I’ve made money on and off doing this in the past. I travel too much these days, so I’m never in one place long enough to build it into a real business. If I ever settle down, I may give it a serious go.

Have any of you tried buying and selling on eBay or a similar platform?

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