9 Ways to Easily Increase Your Medium Earnings

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I’m sure you would all like to increase your Medium earnings. After all, who wants to work for a pittance? Not me and not you. You’ll be glad to know that there are several methods that you can use to increase your views, reads, and earnings.

Read on, and all will be revealed.

Method #1 — Write more articles

Let’s start with the most obvious. If you earn $300 a month from writing ten articles, you should make $600 by writing 20. This doesn’t scale very easily though. You’ll hit your limit quickly. But it is a way to get a quick win.

Method #2 — Read, clap, comment, and follow other writers

I did this consistently a while back and managed to increase by views my 100%. It won’t always work out so well, but in my experience, it always works. You’ll get noticed by others, and some of them will read your work.

This One Medium Trick Boosted My Views by 100%

Method #3 — Think 10x not 10%

I recently wrote about how I plan to 10x my Medium earnings by using this method of thinking. Yes, you’ll need to put in some effort in the thinking department. You won’t always get a 10x increase, but maybe you’ll come up with a few great ideas that work wonders for you.

How I Plan to 10x My Medium Income and How You Can Too

Method #4 — Write great headlines

This is something that most writers don’t take enough time over. If you’ve written a great article, it won’t get many views unless you also have a great headline. Writing a headline that gets clicks is probably more important than the article itself. Follow these headline-writing tips from Tim Denning.

Headlines — 14 Key Takeaways From Tim Denning’s 3-Day Writing Course

Method #5 — Use appropriate tags

When publishing your stories you’re allowed to add five tags. It’s important that you use all of them. They help readers find your story. Make sure you use tags that are appropriate for your story. There’s no point in using tags that are a mismatch. I wrote more about tags in the following article.

Use These Tags If You Want Your Stories To Go Viral

Method #6 — Publish consistently

If you look at the top writers here, the one thing they have in common is that they are consistent. That doesn’t mean writing and publishing every day though. Do what suits you, but be consistent. That might mean writing 10 articles a month or 30 articles a month. You should avoid publishing 50 in one month and then five the next. That’s very inconsistent.

Method #7— Publish in appropriate publications

Publishing in publications will generally get you more views. Compared to self-publishing, you’ll be exposing your writing to readers that have never seen your work. When I checked the data for stories I published, it showed that I got 50% more views for stories that were published in publications.

My Stories in Publications Have 50% Higher Views

Method #8 — Help your readers

By this, I mean that you should write with your readers in mind. If you write journal-style stories, no one will be interested. Readers are often looking for help or advice. They want to fix something in their lives. Your job as a writer is to give them what they want. It’s not about you. It’s about your readers.

Method #9 — Experiment

Don’t blindly follow advice, but experiment to see what works for you. The above methods have helped me and should also help you. But different methods work for different writers, so experiment. You may also cover other methods that work for your unique situation.

I hope the above tips help you grow your views, reads, and earnings.

If you have any other ideas that may work, let me know in the comments section. Let’s help each other to grow and move forward.

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