The Surprising Reward Of Publishing Daily On Medium

This is what (probably) gets you increased views, reads, and earnings

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I joined Medium on 30 October, so I’m still pretty much a newbie. I aim to make it a success though, so have done much research on how to increase my views, reads, and earnings.

The is no shortage of opinions on what are the best hacks to achieve this. The problem is that we can’t collectively agree on what it takes. After some very thorough research, I’ve come up with my own theory on what it really takes to be successful on the platform.

Many of the top writers on here seem to agree that publishing daily or multiple times a day is one of the top hacks. I agree, but probably not for the reason you’re thinking.

It should be self-evident that the more you publish, the more views you will get. Publishing 30 articles a month should get you more views than publishing 10. Publishing 60 should get you more than 30. I am assuming here that the articles are of the same quality and that you don’t reduce quality for the sake of quantity.

More views should lead to more followers, as more people will have seen your work, and hopefully enjoyed it. So that’s another bump in views.

You will also end up with a bigger back catalog of articles, many of which will also be getting views.

I think we can all agree on the above.

But I think there is a further surprising reward that awaits you if you publish at least daily.

You’ll get name recognition.

I’m not saying that you’ll suddenly be on a par with Tim Denning, but more and more readers will start to recognize your name when they see it. When this happens they will be more likely to click on your articles and read them.

This is true for me as a reader. I am new here, so at first, I didn’t know who anyone was, not even Tim Denning. But as I read more over the days and weeks, some of the writers’ names became more familiar.

When I see the names I recognize, I almost always click through to read their story.

There are others that I follow, but if they only publish weekly I’m not likely to recognize their names when I see them. I need to be seeing the same names often to get familiar with them. Not remembering their names means I’m less likely to notice their articles, let alone click through to read them.

And that, in a nutshell, is what I think the main benefit of publishing every day is.

After four weeks here, I am now pretty familiar with Tim Denning, Burk, Justiss Goode, Robert Ralph, Jenn Leach, and Edina Abena Jackson.

Most of these are prolific writers, which is probably the only reason that I remember the names. They’re also great writers that I look up to and try to learn from.

I don’t remember hardly any of the writers that publish on a weekly basis. Why would I?

So if you want to succeed on here, start publishing every day. I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results you start to see. I’m already seeing great results with this approach.

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