The SECRET To Medium Success

All you need to know

The secret is behind this door. Photo by Alex Harwood on Unsplash.

I don’t want to waste your time, so I’ll get straight to the point. Then you can get on with building a successful career here.

The Secret

Just write.

What, is that it?

Yes, that’s it. You can leave now and start writing.

It’s true.

It’s the secret you’ve all been looking for.

Hey Mike, that seems to involve work

Yes, that’s correct.

But I want the secret that lets me earn $5,000 a month for writing one article a month

I’m truly sorry but that doesn’t exist. You can of course pay some guru $500 for this secret. But I’ll let you into another secret. Expensive guru courses that promise instant riches exist to make the gurus rich, not you.

So now I’ve given you two secrets for the price of one.

Are you still here? I told you the secret. Just go implement the plan. Go write. Your work here is done.

But I don’t like your secret. I have a stack of excuses why I can’t write every day.

You mean you have a day job or children or whatever.

Listen, here’s secret number 3.

There are successful writers that have day jobs, children, and other things. If they can do it, then so can you.

If you still have excuses, then maybe writing here isn’t for you. Even if they’re valid excuses.

We can have anything we want in life, but we can’t have everything all at once. If the kids are taking up so much time that you can’t write, then focus on your kids. Come back to writing at later date.

Or maybe try this trick instead.

Write your excuses down on a piece of paper.

I’ll wait while you do it.

Done it?

Ok, now set it on fire.

Make sure you don’t accidentally burn the house down. Burn the excuses in a safe place.

Great. No excuses left.

Now, just go write.

Good luck.

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