Month 2 On Medium — $468.28 Earned — 16,045 Views

My earnings have increased over 3X from last month

One of my workspaces for December. Photo by author.

38 stories. 16,045 views. 8,127 reads. 1,242 fans. 865 followers. 22 email subscribers. 6 referred members. $468.28 earned.

December was another fantastic month for me. I thought things may slow down because of Christmas and New Year, but I didn’t notice much sign of that.

In November I earned $92.88, which averages at $4.89 per day over the 19 days that I was in the Medium Partner Program. December’s average was $15.10. That’s over a 3X improvement. If I did that again in January I’d earn over $1,400 for the month. I’d be very happy with that. I don’t think it will be that easy though. I could well drop down to a lower figure.

Earnings for December 2021 — Screenshot by author

I read that only around 6% of writers on Medium make over $100 a month. I’m well ahead of that target, which is very pleasing.

In November, my top story accounted for 47% of my earnings. In December, the same story accounted for 49% of my earnings. It’s a bit of a worry because it could fade away. On the other hand, it’s still earning, so it might stick around long term.

My stats for December

Here are my stats for December 2021, my second full month on Medium.

Stories Published: 38 (same as November)

Views: 16,045 (up from 6,635)

Reads: 8,127 (up from 3,749)

Fans: 1,242 (up from 898)

Followers: 865 (up from 321)

Subscribers: 22 (up from 7)

Referred members: 6 (up from 2)

Earnings: $468.28 (up from $92.88)

Views & Reads for December 2021 — Screenshot by author

How did I do so well?

In December I continued with what was already working. I wrote and/or published every day. I followed what the top writers were doing. I ignored the complainers. I just got on with my work.

If you want to be successful you need to model yourself on those that are successful in your field. Take advice from those that are already earning $5,000 or more. Don’t take advice from those that will show you exactly how they doubled their earnings from $1 to $2.

During December I continued with my plan of publishing a minimum of one article per day, I ended the month with 38 articles published and another 2 submitted but waiting to be published.

I’ve still been reading a lot on Medium, although this has been less than the previous month. I haven’t been responding as much either, as I’ve had less time available due to traveling. It’s easy to get into a routine when you’re at home. But when traveling it can get quite difficult at times.


Followers for December 2021 — Screenshot by author

865 Followers & 22 Subscribers & 6 referrals

I ended December with 865 followers. That’s an increase of 544 on November. I now have 22 subscribers (up 15) and 6 referrals (up 4). I’m very happy with those numbers.

What worked for me in December

Basically, the same as November. The articles that readers like are about writing and making money. Those are the topics I enjoy writing about, so I will continue writing about them.

I’m also going to continue submitting my articles to publications, as they do better than the ones I self-publish. I will self-publish a few though, just to experiment a little.

I’ve also been incorporating tips I’ve read from other successful writers. This is something that I can’t emphasize enough. If you want to be successful you need to do what other successful writers are doing.

What’s next for me?

More of the same. I’ll keep doing what keeps working.

I’ll keep writing and publishing every day.

I’ll keep submitting to my favorite publications but also try a few new ones.

I’ll keep learning from the successful writers here.

I’ll keep moving forward.

I’ll be doubling down on what works for me.

Hopefully, this article will also help you gain success on Medium.

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