6 Things I Love About Writing On Medium

It’s a great platform for both writers and readers

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It’s just under two months since I joined Medium and I’m very impressed with what I’ve experienced so far. My only regret is that I didn’t join earlier.

For the last couple of decades, I’ve experimented with numerous side hustles. They were a mixture of very successful and complete failures. As far as the first couple of months have gone, Medium is shaping up to be one of the best. It’s also very a very enjoyable platform.

Here are 6 reasons that I love writing on Medium.

#1 — I can write about anything I want

When I’ve had websites in the past I’ve always had to stick to a single niche. In many ways that’s great, but you can get a bit burnt out writing about the same topics day in and day out.

On Medium, I can switch between niches whenever I feel like it. One day I can be writing about writing, the next day about side hustles, and the day after about travel. I love being able to switch between niches in this way.

#2 — I can write whenever I want

When I had a day job I worked 10 until 6, Monday to Fridays. When writing on Medium I’m free to write whenever I want. The last few days I’ve written first thing in the morning. We’re currently staying at a hotel in my wife’s parents’ town and we have a desk in the room that overlooks the swimming pool. It’s a perfect place to write.

While in big cities I like writing in different cafes every day. On other occasions, I may not start writing until 10 pm. I love being able to work this way. It makes my days very flexible. I can also take days off if I want.

#3 — I don’t have any deadlines to meet

When we work for other people, we usually have a deadline to meet. This can sometimes be very stressful.

When writing on Medium I can come up with a list of articles I want to write, but I can start them whenever I want. I may write some right away, while others stay on my list for weeks. There isn’t anyone pressuring me into finishing them by a certain date. This improves my writing, as I don’t write well when writing under pressure.

#4 — I don’t have any clients to please

This is somewhat related to the above point. Not writing for a client means there’s no one to reject my articles. No one can tell me to re-write the article because it’s not quite what they wanted.

Once an article is complete, I hit publish and that’s it. Done. No need to worry about it being rejected.

#5 — I can earn a steady income

I love that I can do all the above and also get paid for it. Last month I earned $92.88. This month I’ll earn over $400. Hopefully, the amount will keep increasing. It’s a nice monthly bonus.

#6 — It’s a pretty friendly platform

Compared to other platforms, Medium is pretty friendly. I love being able to interact with other writers and readers. They give great feedback and are generally very helpful and supportive.

I used to post quite often on Reddit and found some of the subs to be pretty toxic. It makes for a very pleasant change to be writing in a much more supportive environment.

What do you love about writing on Medium. Let me know in the comments section.

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