Medium Has Implemented a Tipping Feature

This means that you can tip writers and receive tips if you’re a writer

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Last month I wrote about how Medium was planning to introduce a tipping feature. What I didn’t realize is that it would be implemented so quickly. It’s a little different from what I was expecting though.

I had assumed that when readers left a tip for a writer that it would be collected by Medium and paid out at the end of the month along with our Medium Partner Program earnings. That’s not how it will work.

Instead, the writer can choose where they want the tips to be collected. The options are Ko-fi, Patreon, or PayPal. Once set up, you will see the tipping feature directly beneath your articles.

I would prefer if there was an extra option to integrate with the MPP. But I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Give a tip — Screenshot by the author

As a writer, you need to enable this feature in your account settings. Once enabled, it will show under all your stories.

Some writers see asking for a donation as akin to begging. With the tipping feature integrated into the Medium platform, it may not feel so much like that.

To enable the feature, go to your account settings and choose Audience Development from the menu, as shown below.

Audience development — Screenshot by the author

Once in the audience development section, click on Manage tipping.

You’ll then be presented with the screen below.

Enable Tipping feature — Screenshot by the author

All you need to do is add the link to your preferred payment platform. As you can see, I’ve chosen Ko-fi.

I’ve added the link as an experiment for August. I’ll then decide whether to keep it or disable it.

Will you be enabling tipping on your account?

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