May 2022–34 Stories, 31,000 Views, $1,081 Earned

Stories, views, and earnings are all down this month

Photo by Timur Saglambilek

This is my latest update for those that like to read income reports. If you don’t like reading them, what are you doing here?


This month was a little disappointing, but you have to take the downs along with the ups. Last month I wrote 58 stories. This month I only managed to write 34. I’ve had other things going on in life, so haven’t had as much time to write. Let’s see how this month goes.


Views for May 2022 — Screenshot by the author

Writing fewer articles usually results in fewer views. Last month I had over 55,000 views. This month the number has dropped to around 31,000.


Earnings for May2022 — Screenshot by author

My earnings are messed up. Yesterday, my earnings showed at around $1,035. I earned an extra $45 for the last day of May, so my earnings should be around $1,080. However, my earnings report shows them as $675. Even though all the articles I published in May show earnings, they’re all missing from the main earnings report. I hope this is a glitch.

Fixed: The glitch is fixed. I earned $1,081.01.

I just got a reply from Medium Support. The earnings are not showing properly but they haven’t been lost.

Thanks for writing in, and we apologize for this experience.
We are aware of an issue where your Partner Dashboard is showing an incorrect payout calculation for the May 2022 earnings period. 
This is just a display bug on your dashboard showing the incorrect summary. No earnings have been lost, and your money is not yet scheduled to push out to your Stripe account. The correct amount will be sent. 
We are working to resolve this.
As soon as we resolve it, all earnings calculations will return to normal in your dashboard. We ask that you bear with us.

Support staff replied very quickly, so I’d like to thank them for that.

Looking at stories, views, and earnings:

Stories published are down 41%
Views are down 44%
Earnings are down 36%

Those numbers are pretty consistent. The views and earnings are correlated very closely with the number of stories written. This may not be the same for everyone though.

My views have been very up and down though. My worst day had just 590 views. 10 days later saw my best day with 2,588 views. It’s quite a rollercoaster ride.

Followers, subscribers, and referrals

Followers, subscribers, and referrals May 2022 — Screenshot by the author

My follower count grew by 514 to reach 3,385. I’m happy with that. Hopefully, I can reach close to 7,000 by the end of the year.

Subscribers are up 15 to 105. A year-end total of 200 would be good.

I only got one referral in May. For the last few weeks, I haven’t been adding the referral link to the end of my stories. I’m not sure whether to just stop doing this. It gets a bit repetitive for regular readers. And all for one extra referral. It hardly seems worth it.


I am thinking of self-publishing more stories, as I think this could be beneficial for me. I’ll write more about that later.

A slow month and an even slower summer?

How was your month? I’ve read many comments from writers saying that May was a slow month. With summer approaching, I am assuming there’ll be even fewer readers here. I hope I’m wrong, but with other websites I’ve owned, summer has always been a quiet period.