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In December 2021 My Side Hustles And Investments LOST over $13,000

December was one of the worst months of the year

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December did not go very well at all. It ended up being the second-worst month of 2021. The good news is that I made money for the year as a whole. In this post, I’ll also include my full-year earnings.

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December 2021 Income

This is what I earned from my current 5 side hustles n December:

#1 Index Funds

These made a loss of $1,797 for the month. As these are long-term investments, down months are to be expected. This month’s loss is the worst monthly loss of the whole year.

For 2021 as a whole, my index funds are up $10,781.

#2 Crypto

Crypto had a very bad month with a loss of $13,272. Crypto is a very volatile investment, with most months having either big gains or big losses. This is the third month in a row of losses and the second-worst month of 2021. Hopefully, January will be a big improvement.

As with the index funds, this is a long-term investment, so individual months don’t matter much.

For 2021, my crypto fund is up $19,226.

#3 Virtual Assistant

As I mentioned last month, I have given this up for the time being. Income for December was $90. This was for work I did in November.

I earned $1,009 for the whole year.

#4 Domain Flipping

This is a side hustle that just sits in the background. It may never make money again, as I only have a few domains left. December was $0 income. The whole year was also $0.

#5 Writing

Writing for Medium has been the bright spot for December. It’s only my second month, but I earned $468. I’m hopeful that this can become a much bigger earner over the coming months. See December 2021 Earnings Report.

I also write for my own blog, This month I made $50 from a subscriber that signed up for a year.

For 2021 my writing earned $611.

Total December 2021 Income

So total loss comes to $14,461. Not all months are great.

My total spending was $3,036.

That means that my net worth has dropped by $17,497 this month.

2021 Income

Even though December was a very bad month, 2021 was a good year. Income for the full year was as follows:

Total income: $31,627

Total spending: $30,358

Net worth has increased by $1,269 in 2021.

So, a very bad month, but a fairly decent year. I didn’t go traveling this year, so my spending was lower than usual.

I don’t have a day job, so it’s great that I can live off my investments and side hustles.

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