Do What Mark Cuban Does To Make An Easy 100% Return On Your Investment

This is so simple it’s crazy

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So, you have $100 and want to turn it into $200 quickly. That’s easy. Just buy toothpaste.

You’re probably thinking I’ve lost the plot. Who the hell would spend that much money on toothpaste? And isn’t that wasting your money instead of doubling it?

So, here’s the deal.

Suppose your family spends $10 a month on toothpaste. What most people do is buy it every month. In a year it’ll cost them $120.

But here’s what smart people like Mark Cuban do.

They look out for discounts on Amazon and other places. These deals are especially good on days like Black Friday.

So, what you do is buy a year’s worth of toothpaste when you see a great offer, such as 50% off.

You will have paid $60 for a year’s worth of toothpaste. You’ve effectively doubled your money. You got $120 worth of toothpaste for just $60.

That’s a 100% return on your money.

If you’d invested that $60 at a 10% rate of return, you’d have $66 in a year’s time. Instead, you got $120.

Congratulations. You did 10X better than the stock market. You’re a genius.

There’s nowhere else you can get such a great deal, except maybe crypto.

Don’t stop at toothpaste. You can buy other consumables in bulk as well. Things such as toilet tissue, soap, shampoo, etc. Even tinned and dried foods.

Buy all of these in bulk when prices are at a discount. Stock up for a year or two.

Don’t stop there. You can use discounts on days like Black Friday to get all sorts of bargains.

But be sure to only buy what you were already planning to buy.

Don’t let low prices persuade you to buy products you don’t need.

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