Stop Blaming Others If You Want To Succeed

Take responsibility for your own life

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If you’re the type of person that always blames someone else for your failures, you’ll likely never find success. You need to take full responsibility for your life if you don’t want to end up a failure.

Make no mistake here. I’m not saying that others don’t cause some problems for us. I’m saying that whether they do or not, it’s still our responsibility to take care of our own lives.

I see the blame game everywhere.

Oh, it’s the government’s fault I’m out of work.

If it wasn’t for all the immigrants I’d earn more.

The algorithm hates me.

My parents gave me a bad start in life.

Playing that game doesn’t help you at all. In fact, it hinders you.

Yes, the government causes plenty of problems that adversely affect companies and their workers. But we can still succeed despite what they do.

If it’s the government’s fault that you’re out of work, how come hundreds of millions of other people still have jobs? What are they doing that you’re not?

If there weren’t any immigrants in your country you’d have less work, not more. Immigrants create jobs not take them.

Algorithms are there for the reader, not the writer.

Parents are good and bad. Plenty had a bad start in life, me included, but still made a good life for themselves.

The main problem with blaming others is that if you really think your life is a mess because of what they do, you’ll feel helpless.

If your stories aren’t being read because you think the algorithm is against you, then you may as well give up. You can’t change the algorithm, so why bother.

You can’t change the government, so why bother even looking for a job.

But there’s an alternative. Take responsibility for your own life. Forget about blaming others. Aim to build the best life based on your current circumstances.

Others can do. You can do it.

Find a job despite what the government does.

Earn more despite there being immigrants in the country.

Get more views despite the algorithm being against you.

Build a great life despite what your parents are like.

Don’t blame others.

Take responsibility for yourself. No one else will.

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