October Blog Update — So Far, So Good — I Already Earned $65

A first monthly update on my new blog

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

I recently wrote about how you could set up a blog for just $33. It cost me around $10 extra because I decided to buy a domain separately instead of opting for the free domain offer.

Having a domain bundled up with your hosting can sometimes cause problems if you want to move to another hosting company. For that reason, I prefer t pay a little extra and have full control over it. I can point it to another hosting company at a moment’s notice if I want.

Page Views

Page views for (October 2022) — Screenshot by the author

As you can see above, the site got 112 page views in 8 days. That’s a pretty good start seeing as I only have 11 articles live so far.

The site also had 57 users.

If the site got a similar amount of users and page views over a whole month, it would have over 200 users and 420 page views. That would be a better start than any of my other blogs have had.

Of course, this could just be a case of beginner’s luck. I’ve mentioned the site here, so it could just be followers having a quick look but with no plans to ever return. Only time will tell.

I have plans to market the site a little in other places, so let’s see how that pans out.


I didn’t think I’d have a section on earnings in my first update, but I’ve already had an affiliate sale view a link from my blog.

I’ve earned $65. If I could get one of those a month, I’d be a happy bunny. However, I can’t imagine my site making money that easily.


At the moment, I’m just adding articles that I’ve already published on Medium. I probably have enough that I can add one a day for the next 3–4 months.

After that, I’ll likely write start writing articles specifically for the blog and then republish on Medium later. That would mean I had the potential to earn money from two places for the same articles.

Updating the website

I still have some work to do tidying up the site. It’s still missing a few basic pages. I also need to figure out the categories and tags to make sure I’m using the most appropriate ones.

I’ll provide another update next month.

Here’s the blog: Side Hustle

Do you have a blog or plan to start one? If you already have one, have you shared any tips on how you got them running smoothly? Feel free to link to any relevant stories of yours.

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