My Side Hustle Blog Made Another $65 in December

All I’ve done so far is republish a few Medium stories

All my ducks in a row. Photo by the author.

This will be of interest to Medium writers because it’s a way you can earn additional income from the stories you’ve already published here.

My articles here are spread across a few niches, with the biggest ones being side hustles and making money online.

I set up my blog, Side Hustle Monkey, toward the end of October. I earned $65 in October, nothing in November, and $65 in December.

Earning $65 a month would mean the blog could be sold for around $2,600. Not bad for re-publishing my articles.

If you have a bunch of stories from a particular niche, it may be worth you trying the same. See how to set up a blog for $33.

If you give it a try, let me know how it works out for you.

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