Get Envious or Get Inspired?

I would strongly urge you to choose the latter

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Over the years I’ve come to learn that the world is split into two types of people. The first type gets envious when they see others having success. The second type gets inspired. If you want a great life I urge you to join the latter group.

I see this phenomenon over and over again. I see it here. I see it on social media platforms. I see it in real life.

If someone is having some success in their life, especially financial success, there are those that get so envious that they can become real haters. They will put forward all sorts of unsubstantiated claims. They’ll say the person is lying. They’ll say the person is a crook. They’ll say the person is bragging. They’ll say that their success is impossible.

I get this a lot myself.

I published a post two days ago showing how it’s possible to $1,000 as a new writer. I showed proof that I achieved this. I know others that have done the same or better. Today Peter White published a story showing that he earned over $2,000 in his second month of writing.

Yet one of the comments left on my post said…

I don’t think it’s even possible to make $1,000 in 3 months…

How can it not be possible when I just showed that it is?

Why do some people deny what has just been shown to them? Are they envious? Do they think I’m lying?

I used to publish articles on Reddit quite regularly and got similar responses. I showed how I had reached financial freedom. Someone pointed out that they had noticed I was selling an ebook for $5. They then called me a liar because it was “obvious that someone that has reached financial freedom wouldn’t be begging for $5”.

I guess Jeff Bezos must also be a liar, as I noticed he’s selling some books for $5 as well. Why would he do that if he’s a billionaire?

Then there are the writers on this platform that claim that those that share their earnings and tips are bragging. Some even go as far as saying that writing about earnings should be banned. Why? Envy?

A better approach would be to get inspired when we see the success others have had.

In Peter White’s post mentioned above, I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t be inspired by it. He made over $2,000 in his second month. Wouldn’t you like to earn that amount as well? I certainly would. So why not learn from him? Maybe you too can earn a similar amount.

What does being envious achieve? It won’t help you earn more money. It won’t help you at all. It is likely to turn you into a bitter person.

If you think that those that are successful should be banned from writing, that what they do is impossible, that they’re liars, etc., where does that leave you? If you think that any success is impossible, then you can never have success either. But look around and it’s very clear that there are successful people everywhere.

Why not model yourself on them and try to become more successful yourself?

Quit being envious. Such negative thinking won’t get you anywhere.

When you read stories of how others became successful, let them inspire you to do great things.

Do you want to spend your whole life being envious or do you want to become successful? The choice is yours. You can have either. Choose wisely.

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