88% Of My Stories Earn Under $5 A Month

That’s why quantity is important

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We would all love to earn $100+ for every article we write, but that’s just not going to happen. Even the writers who earn 4 figures a month don’t have those sorts of earnings per article.

It’s why I always advise writing every day, or at least most days. If you can’t do that, try writing 7 articles over a day or two. That way you’ll still have enough to publish one a day.

If you publish every day you have a better chance of one or more stories earning $100s or even $1,000s.

Last week I read about a writer on here that earned over $19,000 from one story. Yes, it’s possible to earn huge amounts for one article. But that’s not going to happen often. Earning that amount for one article won’t happen for over 99% of writers.

Yes, it’s great to hit a home run, but you need to focus on the smaller wins. They add up quickly.

Usually, this is where our total income comes from — lots of small earnings for each post we write.

Add those bigger earners to all the smaller earners and it can easily lead to a good monthly income.

I went over last month’s earnings per story to see what the distribution of earnings was.

By the end of the month, I had published 165 stories.

134 stories earned at least $0.01.

That means that 31 stories earned $0 for the month. Stop and think about that. That’s the equivalent of writing a story a day and not earning anything at all.

Despite not earning any money at all I still earned over $400 last month.

The earnings for the 134 stories that earned at least $0.01 were as follows:

Over $30 per story: Only 2 stories earned this much — the top story earned $36.91

$20.00-$29.99: 4 stories

$10.00-$19.99: 3 stories

$5.00-$9.99: 12 stories

$1.00-$4.99: 34 stories

Under $1: 79 stories (10 of those earned $0.01 each)

So, only 21 stories out of 165 earned over $5.

That’s only 12% of stories.

That means that 88% earned under $5.

The takeaway here is that 12% of stories earning over $5 is enough to earn $400 in a month.

The more stories I write, the more my overall earnings should grow.

Keep writing.

Don’t give up.

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