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An Easy Way To Make $500 This Weekend

Yes, it really is easy

Photo by Alexander Shustov on Unsplash

We’re all looking for ways to earn extra money, but it’s not always easy. But here’s a way that most of you can easily make an extra $500 this weekend.

You probably already know about this method but have probably put it to the back of your mind. Or maybe you’re so busy looking online that you’ve overlooked what’s right in front of you.

Well, maybe not right in front of you, but stored in your garage.

You know what I’m talking about. All the crap you own but never used. Remember that exercise equipment you stored in the garage a couple of years ago that you still plan to use one day. One day never arrives though.

Or what about those time-saving kitchen gadgets that you used a few times before they got hidden in the back of the cupboard.

I don’t even need to mention the wardrobe that’s packed with clothes you’ll never wear.

So, here’s the plan. It’s only 5 steps.

Step #1

Take one room at a time and go through your “stuff”. Anything that hasn’t been used for the last 6 months will likely never be used again. The exception is seasonal stuff that you use every summer or winter.

Be ruthless. You can check the kitchen, bedroom, spare room, garage, and whatever other rooms you have stuff stored.

If you’re like the average person you’ll have quite a pile of unused possessions.

Step #2

The next step is to go to eBay and check how much similar items have sold for. Once you’ve done that it’s on to step 3.

Step #3

Take photos of all the items.

Step #4

Next up is listing them on eBay. You can either auction them or use fixed prices. I prefer fixed prices. Popular items might do better at auction, but you’ll have to make a judgment about that.

Step #5

Then you just sit back and wait for the money to start flowing into your account.

As well as eBay you can also list your items on Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up, and other platforms.

You could have a garage sale if you prefer.

This is an easy way to get cash quickly.

Additional benefits

There’s are additional benefits to selling your junk.

Firstly, it means that someone that can’t afford to buy new might be able to afford your secondhand items.

Secondly, it helps the environment. If we all buy more used items, fewer new items need to be produced.

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